Birla Education Trust, Pilani is one of the
oldest Trusts of the Country, fully dedicated for the purpose of Holistic Education to young minds.
The Trust was established in 1929 and today runs five 10+2 Schools,
Country’s first Science & Technology Museum
a temple, dedicated to Godess Saraswati

Schools Under Birla Education Trust

The Trust started over 400 village schools in and around Pilani and Jaipur and provided Free Compulsory Education Scheme for several elementary village schools in Pilani in the beginning of the 20th century.

Institutions & Departments Under Birla Education Trust

Birla Education Trust, Pilani was registered in 1929 as a charitable trust in Calcutta by Shri G D Birla, the foundation thus being laid for the establishment and onward growth of educational institutes in Pilani.